Reviews & Testimonials :

"Craig O. Thompson's
OMAR forecasts tomorrow's headlines. The proliferation of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, materials, and know-how is the number one national security threat to the United States. This well-researched fiction is a timely window into potential disasters for unprepared nations. "

U.S. Senator,
Richard G. Lugar

Former Member, Select Intelligence Committee and Foreign Relations Committee
October 4, 1996 (when OMAR was in early draft form)

"Omar is a suspenseful and thrilling novel of escalating global terrorism...a shocking, action-packed, highly recommended page-turner filled with suspense and plot twists to the end."

James A Cox

Midwest Book

"I found that this book really stayed with me....The fact that (Thompson) predicted such terrorist attacks gives legitimacy as an expert, and the way that (he) wove the facts with the narrative only added to it."

Jeffrey Marks

Writer's Digest

"Deep ocean adventure in the tradition of Clive Cussler."

Charles Pellegrino, New York Times Bestselling Author

of Dust, Her Name: Titanic, and Ghosts of the Titanic

"...a novel that reads extremely well... marvelous climax...bravo!"

Robert Gover
New York Times
Bestselling Author
One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding

"...Thompson is an authority on terrorism and uses his knowledge to add a frightening, in-the-headlines sense of reality."

Rich Gotshall,
Indianapolis Star

"Given the terrorist threats both to our homeland and to our citizens abroad...this deep ocean adventure thriller could not be more timely."

Henry H. Shelton,
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (Ret.)
Letter On File Dated September 7, 2001

"...a literary treasure...with high regard reserved for only those few writers who show brilliance... this work is clearly of this caliber."

The Late
Dr. John Maestas,
Published Author,
and Producer
of 8 PBS Documentaries

"OMAR, by Craig O. Thompson, is a highly professional piece of writing by a first-class writer and storyteller...he has created a suspenseful, mesmerizing thriller... (that) will keep armies of readers up all night racing through the pages."

Isolde Chapin, Executive Director,
Washington Independent Writers (Ret.),
Former Reader/Editor for New York Publishers

"I am impressed by (Thompson's) strength of his storytelling, command of dialogue, and ability to evoke a scene...the text has been brought to a high finish...to a degree that one does not often see these days."

Joseph Foote, Past President, WIW
Professional Journalist, Writer, Consultant
and Editor for the
White House and Congress

Craig O. Thompson "...writes so well!  I read OMAR and was hooked...The way he opens is masterful. There is a sense of the mythic underlying what's to come...in the hands of an author who would excite and intrigue me.  I was captured from the beginning."

Timothy Holland,
Writer, Publisher
and Editor,
The Crescent Review

"...OMAR draws the reader into the story right from the opening paragraphs ...(with) the usual twists, turns, and surprises that readers look for, know are coming, and--in the case of good writers--somehow are caught off guard. (Thompson writes) in the tradition of Robert Ludlum, Clive Cussler, Tom Clancy and others."

Reverend Paul Wharton
Historical Expert

Homeland Security
Isn't Fiction Anymore!

Read The Testimonials to the Left
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OMAR: A Novel
By Craig O. Thompson


"...a story of this
magnitude is mind
boggling...I can't wait
to see it on the big screen!"

Captain Jim L. Willsey,
Deepsea Treasure Hunter
La Nuestra Senora de Atocha


From StrataGem Press™ comes the timely reissue of OMAR: A Novel -- an award winning book by action adventure genre author, counter-terrorism expert and disaster preparedness consultant Craig O. Thompson.  This book could not come at a more important time in our history!

Sometimes You Miss The Novel
Should Have Read

Fact or Fiction?
Over five years direct research went into this diabolical thriller, before the original Limited Edition book publication in 1999--followed by the 1st Edition in August 2001--one month prior to 9/11.

Following the Attack on America, many called Thompson's foresight "uncanny."  Described as "more faction than fiction," this award-winning 1st Edition book is a suspense thriller and historical fiction in one Critics and readers call OMAR "... a page turner."  The story involves The Great Omar--a beautiful and priceless shipwreck treasure, lost among the wreckage, history and ghosts of the RMS Titanic's abyss...and a triadic deep-sea treasure trove race that marked, in 1995, a secret beginning to the spread of global terrorism.

A Genre Cross-Over Book!
OMAR is an action-filled adventure story that will satisfy lovers of the suspense-thriller genre, political thriller, techno thriller, historical fiction or thriller novel genre.  Be certain to check out the reviews and testimonials from critics and readers--found in the left-hand column and on this site's pages.


When You Read OMAR: A Novel
You'll Encounter Thompson's Pre-9/11
On Homeland Security:

  • STAR -- Mafia Black-Market Weapons Control on Page 48

  • Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare (NBCW--now CBRNE) on Page 49

  • Osama bin Laden, Islamic Brotherhood, the Al-Jama'ah and Terrorism on American Soil on Page 50

  • Terrorist's belief that "...no border will stop us" on Page 51

  • Weekly terrorist advisories on Page 53

  • Kissing "...personal freedoms and securities goodbye" on Page 54

  • Fake Passports and Other I.D. on Page 71

  • America's Smugness vs. Male and Female Suicide Bombers on Page 73

  • Terrorists Controlling Deadly Weaponry, Transportation & Communication at one time or another on Page 80

  • CIA, FBI, Electronic Surveillance vs. "Getting Our Hands Dirty" in the trenches on Page 150

  • Secret Saudi Payments to Fund Terrorist Organizations on Page 184

    Plus:  An incredible array of other terrorist and counter-terrorism concepts--and revelations too numerous to mention--that Thompson incorporated as a caution of what was to come (now a warning following the Attack on America).

 We leave it for you to decide how much vision award-winning author
Craig O. Thompson had--prior to the attack on American soil.

Look inside OMAR about the trouble our world would face as a
result of government--and citizen--inattention to long-expected terrorist
plans, including those for global "asymmetric" warfare originating on our homeland.



Winner Of The
International Benjamin Franklin Awards

Benjamin Franklin Award - Best New Voice, Fiction

"Best New Voice -Fiction"

A Ravaged Ship At Rest in the North Atlantic
Mercenary Treasure Seekers

A Terrorist Plan to Bring Democracy to its Knees
True-to-Life Action -- Adventure -- Suspense


Long before the Attack on America, virtually every noted
think-tank agreed on one concept -- whether conservative, liberal, bipartisan or nonpartisan -- America would experience terrorist attacks on its homeland.

But in a world of sleeper cells...who was the enemy?



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  HINT - Check out OMAR's reviews & testimonials to find the 5 critical qualities in their comments:  
Involves you in the story from the beginning


"...I was captured from the beginning
Timothy Holland, Editor, The Crescent Review

"After receiving (OMAR)and reading only the first two chapters, I
ordered three more as gifts..."
Laela H, CA

Twists and turns that'll keep you on the edge of your seat ...or up all night to see what comes next

"...a highly recommended page-turner
filled with suspense and plot twists to the end."
James A Cox, Editor, Midwest BookReview

"...a suspenseful, mesmerizing thriller
...(that) will keep armies of readers up all night racing through the pages."
Isolde Chapin, Executive Director, WIW (Ret.)


Characters you can fall in
love with...or truly dislike


"...my reaction to a book I like is a feeling of
wanting more, when I reach the last page
...and that I want to revisit its characters
...I had that reaction to OMAR
Michael R., ME

Thoroughly researched and absorbing without too much detail

"...the way that (he) wove the facts
with the narrative only added to it."

Jeffrey Marks, Writer's Digest

"This well-researched fiction is a
timely window into potential
disasters for unprepared nations. "

U.S. Senator Richard G. Lugar

Places you right there with the hero, resolving multiple challenges

"The characters are multi-faceted,
the plot is complex without being confusing,
the action sequences are fast-paced
and descriptive..."
George J., AZ


: A Novel

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Still uncertain?  Want the story behind the story?    Go to OMAR FACTS.   Or  Click Here to read incredible ironies about Award-winning Author, Craig O. Thompson and his 2001 "predictions" on homeland security--found in OMAR: A Novel (Limited Edition in 1999; 1st Edition August 2001)...and warnings about America's lack of homeland security made in keynote speeches prior to 9/11, when OMAR: A Novel  was formally introduced to the public. Refer to C-SPAN Keynote.


Is it 3:00 A.M...and you're looking for a great book to read?

Or maybe you've just finished reading a book
and you're ready for another.


"Undersea salvage, the wreck of the Titanic and...terrorists bent on nothing less than total destruction of the western world collide on a stage of global proportions in this page-turning action adventure from Craig O. Thompson.

Written before the 9/11 attacks, this book is chillingly accurate in its depictions of terrorists, their actions, plots, beliefs and ruthlessness.

Thompson's writing is top caliber, immediately putting him on a square playing field with the genre's top purveyors.

The detail, put into the technology and background, is woven seamlessly with the narrative. That lends it credibility and adds to the plot, without bogging the reader down with incessant techno-babble and vague concepts.

An extremely engaging read that firmly establishes (Thompson) in the genre."

Rapport Magazine
The Modern Guide to Books, Music and More!


Download Sample Chapters
Sample the First 46 Pages of OMAR: A Novel (in PDF format)

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...or read on if you need more information  


You'll Be Astounded By The Reality of Global Terrorism and Conflicting Asymmetric Warfare Concepts Originally Predicted and Incorporated into Thompson's Limited Edition Novel in 1999--followed by the First-Edition book issued August 2001*


  • Terrorists Easily Crossing Our Borders

  • Sleeper Cells Carrying Out Orders in America and Abroad

  • Terrorist Leaders, Like Osama bin Laden, Financing Other
    Terrorist Operations

  • Blind Faith -- and Suicide Bombers "as suicidal as Kamikazees"

  • Intelligence Agencies and Agents "Stovepiping" and
    Refusing to Share Information Within and Between
    Competing Agencies
    to Help "Connect the Dots"

  • The Potential for Biological and Chemical Warfare

  • Entrepreneurial Mafia-like Terrorist Organizations Joint-Venturing With Organized Crime Syndicates

  • NBCRW -- Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Radiological Weapons
    of Mass Destruction -- Well Before the Acronym Became
    Common Following 9/11 (also known as CBRNE)

  • Joint -Venture Black Market Weapons-Trading Connected
    With Former Soviet Bloc Countries or NIS -- Newly
    Independent States

  • Nuclear Materials (and Other WMD Materiel) Inexplicably Disappearing From Unsecured Eastern European Stockpiles

And much, much more

Historic Facts About the Titanic You May Not Know, Interwoven Within a Deep-sea Adventure That Will Have You Reeling at 2077 Fathoms Below the Surface of the Cold North Atlantic!


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GO TO "Spell-Bound Facts" in OMAR: A Novel

GO TO "Thompson's Foresight On Homeland Security"


When was the last time you read a great suspense-thriller?  I mean a truly great award-winning story...and couldn't wait to buy the latest novel just like it?

Ever found a book you never heard of that turned out to be one of the best reads ever?  And you told your friends, "If I'd heard of this book, I would've bought the first edition immediately."

Sure, every avid reader has.

And as soon as word gets out, everyone buys it.  Then, the book becomes a best seller and a topic of conversation around the water-cooler.

Occasionally, after initially slipping through the cracks--due to untimely events--there are important books and authors that must be recognized.  OMAR--award-winning author and counter-terrorism consultant Craig O. Thompson's novel on global terrorism--deserves to be in your library collection, today.

Originally released in a 1999 Limited Edition for test-market, then fully released in hardcover and softcover First-Editions, August 2001,
OMAR became the 2002 recipient of the International
Benjamin Franklin Awards™
SILVER AWARD for "Best New Voice--Fiction."

Officially published in First-Edition one month prior to 9/11,
OMAR -- immediately following the 9/11 attack -- was suddenly caught between two worlds:

  • One that recognized how important the soon-to-be award-winning work was to readers of suspense-thrillers and true-to-life historic fiction

  • Another that--by the author's and publisher's choice--realized it would be inappropriate to promote a novel on global terrorism immediately following the tragic death and destruction wrought by the Attack on America--no matter how timely.

    This, despite the fact that--on
    Monday, September 10, 2001--Thompson--communications director for the International Association for Counterterrorism & Security Professionals--had just appeared as a guest terrorism expert on KFI AM-640, 50,000 watt radio for a 3-hour talk-show interview -- broadcast into 16 western states from Los Angeles.

    Though Thompson had done media interviews for years, prior to 9/11, countless worldwide media insisted on interviewing him from that point on.


In numerous prior interviews, keynote speeches, and during that September 10, 2001 3-hour radio talk-show--broadcast from KFI Radio (AM 640), Los Angeles--Thompson had warned listeners about:

  • America's breakdown in homeland security
  • Incredibly poor border control
  • A broken-down and stodgy immigration system that lacked proper controls
  • Coming attacks led by Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda
  • Lax airport security
  • Suicide bombers
  • Afghanistan and its Taliban regime
  • Saudi Arabia, and
  • The fact that thousands of people would lose their lives from attacks on our homeland.


(Source: 3 hour 3-CD recording of the 9/10/01 KFI-AM 640 Talk-Show)

That was on Monday September 10th, 2001


Thompson had already delivered a keynote speech titled "The Terrorist Cell Game" on August 9, 2001 at the Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC, ironically  video-taped and
first broadcast on
C-SPAN August 11, 2001
--exactly one month-to-the-day prior to the attack!

Here are a few brief statements, taken from his 30-minute address -- made to nearly 500 conference delegates:

  • "...How many memorial chairs must we place in our town squares before America wakes up and realizes the Empire has no clothes?"

  • "Arms control diplomacy and traditional deterrence will
    no longer prevent dangerous threats to our nation's security..."

  • "Today, with the introduction of the possibility of (CBRNE -- Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives) warfare, we've moved from a world of known 'symmetric' threats--what our military would define as strategic conventional, military or nuclear war controlled by large armies, equipped with the world's most sophisticated stealth electronics and fire-power, to what is now defined as 'asymmetric threats'--and what I call 'The Terrorist Cell Game' -- where the objective of any rogue state or terrorist organization is to compromise our forces by having us spread too thin; to do end-runs around our military might, because that's the only way they can get
    past the gatekeeper and find the cracks in our infrastructure."

  • "If a major (CBRNE) attack occured in any city in America, our human and  physical emergency, health and governmental infrastructure would not be prepared to handle it.  Not by anyone's wildest stretch of the imagination."

  • "More than half of our emergency responders--medical, police, and fire personnel may never be trained or prepared for the potential (of terrorist strikes)...until funding is significantly increased by at least double or triple what it is (as of August 2001).  And until we're able to divert more funding away from the 'Beltline Bandits' and direct it into our community public health systems--and to our first responders--funds may continue to be sucked up into that proverbial never-neverland and never reach the intended end-users."

  • "...We've become so complacent, so isolated and insolated, over the past five decades, because war--as we know it--has never physically touched our own infrastructure.  Every war has occured someplace else!  And an attitude of indifference, (in government and among our citizens) basically expresses the unspoken words,

'Why should we be concerned?  As long as we have our mighty military and economic powers, America is impregnable.   After all, the Soviet Union is in ashes and there's no longer a threat of nuclear annihilation or a nuclear winter.' "

  • "The Soviets mocked any signed international agreement and employed, at one point, over sixty thousand people to construct, secure and deploy materiel developed at the largest biological weapons program in the world--the Biopreparat....They practiced gene-splicing and combined one toxin with another to make 'multi-lethal weapons' that could contain not only anthrax, but smallpox and the
    plague, as well.  And that was just the tip of the iceberg..."

Craig O. Thompson,
Selections from Keynote Speech
C-SPAN Broadcast August 11, 2001

OMAR: A Novel
By Craig O. Thompson

A Frighteningly Credible, Riveting Suspense-Thriller

An Exciting, Historical, Award-Winning Novel

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A Message And
Special Offer From Awarding-Winning Author
Craig O. Thompson

Bio: An Award-Winning Author

Craig O. Thompson, was awarded the International
Benjamin Franklin Awards™ Silver Award for “Best
New Voice--Fiction”
--for OMAR--his novel on global

He is a media consultant and expert on international
, CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological,
Nuclear and Exploives Warfare) also known as NBCRW
(Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, and Radiological
Warfare), small business contingency and disaster
recovery planning
, and is communications director for
the International Association for Counterterrorism &
Security Professionals (IACSP).

A captivating platform speaker and educator, Craig O.
Thompson has researched terrorism for over nearly two
decades. He offers his insights on college / university
campuses and at conventions, tradeshows and
workshops.  Subjects range from terrorism and CBRNE
to how to practice better preparedness in order to
protect our nation's families and citizens
. Thompson also speaks on Business
Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

He is available for keynote speeches, workshops, lectures, book signings
and readings.

Incredible Ironies
August 11, 2001--exactly one month to the day prior to the Attack on America--C-SPAN
broadcast his keynote speech, "The Terrorist Cell Game," delivered at the Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC, on August 9th. In his address, Thompson warned of Osama bin Laden, bioterrorism, failed mock disasters, and a poorly prepared public health system and infrastructure. He also warned of coming attacks on our homeland, that would be led by suicide bombers from bin Laden's al Qaeda. And he spoke of how our “first responders” could become our “first martyrs.”

September 10, 2001, KFI-640 AM, Los Angeles, radio talk-show host, Lee Klein, broadcast a live 3-hour interview with Mr. Thompson, where he predicted future attacks, spoke of bin Laden, the Taliban, Afganistan, Saudi Arabia, inadequate border patrol, biowarfare and the need for "better grass-roots intelligence." Little did anyone understand the timing and methods of the attacks that would be perpetrated the next day. In fact, one caller to the talk-show said, “You are a right-wing wacko...we have more to fear from (Oakland) Raider fans than bio-weapons” and that “...it’s all contrived to give us something to worry about.”

Thompson responded that the caller was "living in the same ether as most members of Congress...believing we no longer have an enemy following the fall of the former Soviet Union."

The Early Years
A graduate of Northern Arizona University, Craig holds a B.S. and M.A. in Education from the College of Education at NAU.

Thompson, has led an exciting, eclectic life--from the moment he was accepted into the U.S. Peace Corps -- Project Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) as the first 18-year old volunteer to serve overseas, to the years he worked for Lucille Ball at Desilu/Paramount Television. While at Desilu, he worked with various pilots and series shows such as the original "Star Trek," "Mission: Impossible," "Mannix," and "The Lucy Show," among others.  He was also Producing Artistic Director for the Lucille Ball Studio Theater.

As an instructor on the Navajo Reservation, he co-directed the Navajo-Hawaii Cultural Exchange --along with his partner Ed McGrath (who originated the same project in Hawaii).  Their educational exchange program for children was later honored in Congress and recognized twice in the "U.S. Congressional Record.

A year after returning from his volunteer duties with Project Ceylon, Craig was honored with a special invitation to Washington, D.C.--by the Vice President--where he was able to speak before the first-ever gathering of returned Peace Corps volunteers at the U.S. State Department. Several years later he was recognized by the Carnegie Hero Fund, for "courage in the rescue of accident victims," after he helped rescue children from a burning car just before it exploded.

Thompson has been writing for over thirty-eight years. He first started with poetry and lyrical pieces--encouraged by the late Poet Laureate and Pulitzer prize-winning Poet, Gwendolyn Brooks, and by Composer-Pianist, Roger Williams. Further encouragement came from comedienne, Lucille Ball. Years of writing copy for regional and national advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns -- for public and private sector businesses -- rounded out his ability to express his ideas.

In his early speaking career, as a member of the National Speaker's Association and International Platform Association, he was published in an anthology titled "Star Spangled Speakers." Following on the heals of these experiences, he moved on to larger literary pursuits.

OMAR and Other Projects
Craig O. Thompson's first book--OMAR: A Novel--is actually his second. The first--a science-fiction fantasy thriller--was put on hold when the idea developed for his thriller, OMAR. Now, he is re-exploring the inner-workings of the science fiction plot and gathering research for at least three more novels in treatment stage. He is also adapting a screenplay and has initiated two non-fiction works in the counter-terror and business disaster recovery fields.

He divides his time between writing, skiing, and spending time with his family. His ultimate goal--when not writing--includes establishment of the St. Jude Foundation of Hope...financed through revenue from his books, keynotes and other activites. The foundation is currently in the formative stages of operation.

Mr. Thompson appreciates constructive comments and views about his writings from readers.

Read This OMAR Testimonial
(And Look at the Prophetic Date!)

"Given the terrorist threats both to our homeland and to our citizens abroad...this deep ocean adventure thriller could not be more timely."

Henry H. Shelton,
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Ret.)
NOTE: Letter On File Dated September 7, 2001


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Here's a partial listing of subjects covered during the August 11th 2001 C-SPAN broadcast of his Washington D.C. keynote speech. Delivered at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, award-winning author and counter-terrorism expert Thompson:

  • Warned high-level government leaders of coming suicide attacks by the al Qaeda!

  • Discussed the vulnerabilities of our "First Responders" including all emergency personnel from firefighters, police and EMT's, to our entire medical community and national public health system!

  • Warned of the dangerous possibility that our First Responders could become our "First Martyrs"!

  • Talked of the super-secret, unspoken, and highly dangerous biological warfare threat originating from the Former Soviet Union (now Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States) -- where the world's deadliest strain of Anthrax was developed--along with over 60 other pandemic-type diseases--without discovery by our "intelligence" agencies for over a 20 year period!

  • Forwarned of a woefully less than adequate border and immigration control, North and South!

  • Addressed the tremendous loss and lack of "get down in the trenches to get our hands dirty" human intelligence (HUMINT) in critical parts of the world (BTW: "intelligence" is a term Thompson had openly stated as an "oxymoron" within many of America's intelligence agencies)!

  • Spoke of open-access information available in public places--including the Internet--that "a psychotic, deranged individual...let alone a terrorist" could use to create havoc!

  • Stressed America's continued naivaté, arrogance, smugness and complacency regarding our vulnerabilities--following the first World Trade Center Bombing and those at the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma Murrah Federal Building, and the 1996 U.S. Embassy bombings in East Africa!

  • And, emphasized his tremendous concern about complacent attitudes of our government and the fact that America "still lacked a clear plan for informing, preparing, and coordinating its citizens and public health infrastructure for the possibility of terrorist attacks on our homeland."

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (6th District, Maryland), then a member of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism (now the House Committee on Homeland Security), spoke on the D.C. Hyatt Hotel platform immediately following Thompson's keynote...and
spent several minutes at the beginning of his speech confirming how true Thompson's predictions were!   Both addresses were broadcast August 11th 2001 on C-Span.  Bartlett serves as Chairman of the Projection Forces Subcommittee of the Armed Services Committee. One of three scientists in the Congress, Dr. Bartlett is also a senior member of the Science Committee. Due to his ten years of experience as a small business owner, he also serves on the Small Business Committee and is its Vice Chairman.

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Order the award-winning OMAR: A Novel, today, and you will have sixty days to inspect, read and enjoy the book. If, before the end of sixty days, you have not found OMAR: A Novel to be well-worth the investment in your reading time, return the book for a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping). Any returned book and its cover must be undamaged, unscratched and unmarked, with no "dog-ears." (Sorry--autographed/author-signed or personalized books may not be returned).

TO IMPLEMENT THE RETURN POLICY, returned books MUST be sent, postage paid, to:

Brightwater Publishing Company / StrataGem Press
P.O. Box 503
Greenwood, IN 46142-0503

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for refund processing.

Brightwater Publishing Company / StrataGem Press™
P.O. Box 503, Greenwood IN  46142-0503
Phone: 317-535-3705


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